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Cycling Champion, Wiggins, Rides on the ‘Pro-Helmet’ Bandwagon

January 18, 2017

Olympic cycling champion, Bradley Wiggins, rang the bell to start the opening ceremony at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Within hours of winning, Wiggins' post-race statements started something entirely different - a debate about compulsory helmet laws.

Manchester City footballer faces legal proceedings for death crash

January 18, 2017

Premier League football player Courtney Meppen-Walter is facing legal proceedings after a car crash that killed two in September 2012. He was reportedly driving nearly twice the speed limit when he attempted to swerve around the victims' vehicle as it emerged from a side street, according to the Manchester Evening News. He already faced criminal charges and a deprivation order, but he may also be held additionally liable to pay compensation directly to the victims' families.

NHS hospitals report indicates up to 13,000 excess deaths since 2005

January 18, 2017

A review begun in February 2013 by Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, England's NHS Medical Director, yielded striking findings that indicate that thousands of people have died "needlessly" in 14 hospitals over the course of eight years, according to a Sky News report.

Insurance issues follow Sheppey Bridge pileup

January 18, 2017

In a September 5 accident involving 130 vehicles along the A249 bridge, nobody was killed, but the complex wreck left dozens injured and eight seriously harmed. Since the accident, however, the main issue has been establishing blame and figuring out who will pay for the medical bills, vehicle repair costs and other necessary expenses, reports BBC News.