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Man decapitated by lorry in town centre

An unidentified man was decapitated after being hit by a heavy goods vehicle on Wellington Road South in Stockport. The man, who police have not identified, was pronounced dead at the scene of the road-traffic accident, which occurred just before 3 p.m. on Nov. 17.

The accident happened near the Longshut Lane junction and the A6, forcing police to close the road in both directions. A man who was working in a nearby office said that there was often confusion with the street's bus lanes and that he suspected that an accident might happen soon. He said that his office became aware that there had been an incident when the traffic stopped passing.

Man runover by his wife after escaping car crash

A man in France escaped a car crash but was then tragically ran over by the wife that was coming to help him. The Frenchman had been travelling with his daughter when he lost control on a sharp bend in the road. The vehicle rolled into a ditch. The man and his 16 year old daughter were unharmed and managed to scramble out of the vehicle. After the accident he called his wife, explained what had happened and ask her to come and collected them from the accident scene. It was then that an unbelievable tragedy struck. As the wife was travelling round the same sharp bend she also lost control of the vehicle and rolled intone ditch crushing her husband. The man was pronounced dead at the accident scene and the wife and daughter were rushed to hospital. France is renowned for having some of the most dangerous roads. It has 10 of the most dangerous roads in the world. Stricter speed limits and safety measures have been implemented during the last 10 years to increase road safety. The fatality rate for road users has been cut significantly as a result of the safety measures. There are strict penalties for both drunk driving and speeding. If you get caught once for drunk driving you will have your car confiscated, get caught twice and a special test will be attached to your vehicle to prevent it starting if your blood alcohol levels are too high. Fatal accidents have fallen by 38% and it is now one of the safest countries for road users. France does also not allow sat nav systems to alert drivers of the location of speed cameras. This is in fact illegal in every European country apart from the UK and Hungary. 

Mother forgives speeding driver for killing her daughter

A brave mother has forgiven the driver that killed her 19 year old daughter in a car crash. Tamara Webster was killed instantly in a head on fireball crash. Five people were killed in the 2007 accident. The driver that caused the accident, Ewan Macpherson, had been speeding and was jailed for 40 months and banned from driving for 10 years. However, he has now had his driving ban lifted. Mr Macpherson was the boyfriend of the Mrs Websters 19 year old daughter. Mrs Webster has since forgiven Ewan and he received her blessing when the driving ban was lifted. One of Tanya's 19 year old friends was also killed in the accident. The blaze was so severe that both girls had to be identified by DNA. Three people in the other car involved in the accident were also killed. Ewan was dragged from the car while his legs were on fire. He stood trial in 2008 and was jailed after pleading guilty to death by dangerous driving. The same Judge that led the trial has now granted him permission to apply for a provisional licence. He will also have to pass an extended driving test. Tanya's mother wrote a letter in support of Ewan, she said that she had been deeply upset but that she did not feel anger towards him and he should be allowed to get on with his life. She also said that he had made a mistake on that night that has tragic consequences. The accident happened when Mr McPherson hit a car head on when he overtook a car on a blind bend.

Are you travelling on one of the UK's most dangerous roads?

Britain's most dangerous stretch of road has now been named. The 12 mile stretch of road is on the A285 between Chichester and Petworth in West Sussex. The number of serious accidents on the road has increased by an incredible 16% in just 5 years. It has been stated that a intervention is required to tackle this problem. Next paragraph the next risky board on the list is a 10 mile stretch in Scotland. A 809 is just outside Glasgow and is also followed by the A37 towards Angus. Another dangerous road is the A18 which lies in Lincolnshire and runs for approximately 10 miles. The A61 in Wakefield is also a high-risk section of road.

Can you make a claim for food poisoning?

Food poisoning on holiday can be a nightmare and totally ruin your holiday. A group of holiday makers in Egypt have fallen ill after a sickness bug swept through a luxury hotel. Many of the holiday makers were put on drips in their hotel beds. Tourists staying at the hotel blamed the sickness bug on dirty buffet food containers and poor hygiene. Up to 100 Brits were affected and put on intravenous drips. The victims were finally diagnosed with Shigella. This is a nasty food poisoning bug and it is closely related to the salmonella bug and tests were also carried out for the salmonella bug.

25 School children injured in bus crash

25 school children have been injured after a school bus overturned in Hereford. The children were hospitalised after their bus overturned and the bus driver is rushed to hospital admitted to intensive care. The vehicle fell down and embankment on the side of the board and overturned. Photographs that were released of the accident scene sure the severely damaged vehicle lying on its side. Approximately 50 patients were treated as a result of the accident. The bus driver who was female had to cut free from the vehicle and suffered serious chest and abdominal injuries. 6 further passengers were seriously injured and transported to hospital by ambulance on a further 19 were treated for minor injuries such as cuts and bruises.

Stay safe this winter- Winter Driving Tips

Winter 2013 was a mild winter but it is predicted that Winter 2014 will be one of the worst winters on record. Britian is expected to be batter by storms and snow falls. Bad weather conditions can cause chaos on the roads and can lead to an increase in accidents.

5 teenagers killed in car crash near Doncaster

5 teenagers have been killed in a car crash on the A6 30 near Doncaster. The accident happened on 15 November 2014 at approximately 9:40 PM. The youngsters were travelling in a vehicle and this vehicle was involved in a collision with another vehicle. All 5 occupants were school friends. Two of the girls involved in the accident have been described as inseparable. The 5 teenagers were travelling in a Toyota Corolla and they are thought to have met up with another driver at a McDonald's in Doncaster before the crash. The accident happened on the A630 on the way out of Doncaster. It is believed that the Toyota was following the Vauxhall when for some reason the driver lost control and hit an oncoming vehicle.

Student has miracle escape from motorbike accident

A student has cheated death after a horror motorbike accident. Jason Moore, aged 25 was riding his motorbike to college when the vehicle in front brake suddenly and he ploughed into the back of the vehicle. The student then slid sideways under a 30 tonne lorry and this crushed his arm into a number of pieces and also ripped his helmet from his head. The incident was miraculous as he walked away from the accident with only a broken arm and scratch on his head. The brave motorbike rider has had a number of operations to repair his arm and is now preparing to get back on his motorbike for the first time since the accident happened.

£4 million compensation paid to man too angry too work.

A four million pound payout has been awarded to a man who was left too angry to work after a serious road traffic collision. Paul Vallance, aged 27, was involved in a head on collision when he was aged just 18. The accident left him with severe injuries but the seriousness of his injuries were not realised until a few years later. Shortly after the accident Mr Vallance returned to his work as a trainee manager at a motorway service station. He soon lost his job due to his sudden outbursts of anger with customers. After receiving medical treatment it was discovered that he was suffering from a brain injury that left him unable to exercise self control. This meant that he was unable to control himself when he became angry. Paul's mother, Tina,launched a lengthy 8 year legal battle again in the insurance company of the driver that caused the accident. Tina said that her loving son has been replaced by a hostile and angry young man. She also said that her son would spend hours in front of the mirror saying that he looked like himself but he did not feel like himself. The crash happened on a country road not far from where he lived and he spent 19 days in hospital, he suffered a broken leg, shoulder and nose, lost the ability to speak and became confused. A firm of solicitors were then instructed and Paul was sent for a brain scan. It was then discovered that he had suffered serious damage to the frontal lobe of his brain. The claim was taken to the High Court and a £4 million was agreed. The compensation will help Paul obtain the specialist care that he requires for the rest of his life.