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Construction firm fined £50,000 after Joiner injured on accident at work

A construction company in Northumberland has been fined after a joiner fell 4 metres sustaining an injury. Oakland Homes Limited were prosecuted at Northumberland County Court. The Court heard how the scaffolding on the site had been altered by workers who were not trained to do so. The scaffolding was left without adequate edge protection to prevent a worker falling a distance that could cause a personal injury.

Company fined £400,000 after worker falls

Manchester employes may be aware that working at heights can potentially represent a danger. A judge at Swansea Crown Court has fined a company operating an oil refinery £400,000 after hearing details of an accident that left a worker suspended from a walkway after it gave way. The judge agreed that the company was guilty of failing to adequately follow health and safety regulations even after it had been warned of the dangers that the walkway posed.

The company, Valero Energy U.K. Ltd, was using the walkway to connect to an oil tanker at its refinery near Pembroke at the time of the incident. The maintenance firm that was responsible for servicing the walkway said that the design was deficient and that its use posed a real danger of an incident occurring. It listed a number of issues with the equipment, but although some of these were addressed, Valero continued to operate the walkway

Worker compensated after losing fingers

The recycling company Plastecowood expressed its remorse after a member of its staff was injured while working with machinery at the company's site in Bodelwyddan at the Expressway Business Park. The injured man lost two of his fingers as a result of the incident, and the company was being prosecuted for health and safety violations. Manchester residents who work with heavy machinery may be interested to know that the injured man's employer pleaded guilty to the violations and paid him compensation for his injuries.

The company, created in 2013, is a multi-million pound organisation that recycles waste products into items such as furniture. The hearing into the accident took place at Llandudno Magistrates Court where the company was being charged under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. It pleaded guilty to two charges involving the use of machinery that had insufficient safety features and will be sentenced in a hearing that is scheduled for November.

Collision while inhaling nitrous oxide

A 21-year-old woman has been sentenced to jail after causing a road collision with another vehicle that left one of her passengers with a broken back and injurying a number of other people. The accident occurred at Carrington near Manchester United's training grounds at 11.15 pm where fire fighters had to cut free one of the occupants of her car. The Senior Crown prosecutor in the case said that she had admitted to inhaling nitrous oxide while driving her car and that the fault for the accident was entirely hers.

She was sentenced to 20 months in jail for two separate charges of causing injuries by dangerous driving and has been disqualified from driving for just under three years. The prosecutor said that she was driving in the oncoming lane around a blind bend while using a balloon to inhale the nitrous oxide when she collided with a van coming in the other direction. He said she would have been driving with only one hand on the steering wheel with her view partially blocked by the balloon.

Millions claim their workplace is a health hazard

A study into the working conditions of employees has highlighted a wide range of unsanitary and unsafe environments, according to researchers. The poll shows that workers in Manchester and across the country may be operating in dangerous conditions, with over a third of the polled employees saying that they had got sick at work and even more saying that they had been injured in the workplace. Worryingly, more than 20 per cent said that their managers failed to make any changes after receiving complaints over workplace conditions.

The types of injuries included minor cuts and strains while 29 per cent were more serious accidents, such as those resulting in broken bones. These types of moderate injuries are considered serious enough for an employee to put forward a claim for compensation from the company, but, according to the study, only 16 per cent of those who have been injured sought legal advice. This included workers who were victims of serious accidents that resulted in severed body parts and dislocated joints.

Agency worker injured in ladder fall acident

A company based in Suffolk has been fined after an agency worker suffered an injury when he fell from a ladder. Paul's Malt Ltd, a malting factory, were prosecuted at Scarborough Magistrates Court. The court heard that the agency worker suffered a nasty injury when he fell approximately 2 metres from a ladder. His injuries included two fractures to his right foot, a head injury and severe bruising to his chest. At The time of the accident he was in the process of checking the fill level of the malt in a container that he was loading for export. The container was fitted with a large fabric liner which had a high-level loading, this flap which could be zipped up once the container was at full capacity.

Used car under recall sold to mother

The recall of thousands of Vauxhall Zafiras over fears that they can spontaneously combust may have resulted in some second hand car dealers selling their vehicles illegally, according to an officer from the Chartered Institute of Trading Standards. Car buyers in the Manchester area may be aware that legislation protecting consumers states that any goods purchased must be safe for use, and that this also applies to used car sales.

A mother in Essex who was sold a second hand Zafira by a car dealer spoke of her horror when the car ignited shortly after she and her infant child exited the vehicle and entered a shop. She said that she had been unaware that there was a recall on the car and that she had not been informed of the matter when she bought the vehicle. In fact, two recalls had been issued for the Zafira B. It was first recalled by the manufacturer at the end of 2015 so that corrective measures could be made to the vehicle. But in May 2016 a second recall was announced after problems with the car continued.

Employee suffers serious burn in work accident

A company based in Batley, Yorkshire, has been fined after a worker suffered serious burns when his clothes caught fire at work. The company, the Batley Foundry Limited, were prosecuted at Bradford Crown Court. The court heard how an employee of the company was undertaking work involving the use of a 'paint-like' highly flammable chemical. The bucket containing the chemical caught fire and the employee's clothes then set on fire. The employee was left with serious burn injuries. The Health and Safety Executive launched a full investigation into the accident, which occurred on 5 August 2014. It was discovered that the company had failed to provide adequate training, work equipment and no protective clothing was provided. The company pleaded guilty to breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act. They were fined £15,000 and ordered to pay prosecution costs in the sum of £9000. The Health and Safety Executive inspector commented that if the company had taken a number of simple measures prior to the activity being carried out, the accident and subsequent serious injuries could have been totally avoided.

North West plumbing firm fined after accident at work

A Warrington based company has been fined by Scunthorpe Magistrates Court after an employee suffered serious injuries after an accident at work. The unnamed worker was seriously injured when a metal framework fell on top of him. He suffered injuries to his head and neck when the metal framework, which was being lifted by a fork lift truck, fell from the vehicle and hit him.

Teenage death in car crash

An investigation has been launched by the Independent Police Complaints Commission into an incident where a 15-year-old girl died after the car she was travelling in crashed after it failed to stop for police. Residents in the Manchester area may know that an investigation by the IPCC is standard procedure for an incident such as this. The commissioner for the organisation stressed that the investigation had only just begun and expressed his sympathies for the family of the girl.

She was a Luton resident and has been described as being very popular. Flowers have been laid near the scene of the accident in her memory. The car had come to a stop after crashing into a shop causing severe structural damage to the building. An engineer was called to the site in order to make the building safe and a number of people had to be evacuated. Police have appealed for anyone who saw the crash, or the events leading up to it, to come forward.