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Impaired driver causes horrific accident

In his second drink driving conviction, a man has been banned from driving for three years and sentenced at Manchester Crown Court to two years and four months in jail after causing a head-on collision with another car on Briscoe Lane, Newton Heath. The 33-year old woman driving the other car suffered such extensive injuries that she is wheelchair-bound and will as a result be unable to bear children. She said she would be struggling with the effects of the accident long after he completed his jail sentence.

The court was told that the victim suffered multiple broken bones in the crash and was in so much pain that she begged her husband to let her die. She required several operations after being cut from the wreckage of her car and has been left badly scarred with deformed limbs. She has been informed by doctors that the damage to her hips has made it impossible for her to bear children.

Toddler injured by hit and run cyclist

A cyclist in Blackpool collided with a 3 year old girl and dragged her along a pavement. The cyclist then fled the scene of the accident. The 3 year olds body got trapped between the pedals and she was left with tyre burns on her face and body with heavy bruising. The horrific ordeal was captured on the family's cctv camera and the footage was release to the public.

Two British men killed in Thailand pedestrian accident

Two Greater Manchester men, both 68 years old and best friends, were reportedly killed in a terrible car accident in Thailand while they were on holiday with their wives. An inquest has determined that the men were pedestrians who were struck whilst walking on pavement adjacent to a roadway on the island of Koh Samui on March 23, 2013.

According to the translated records and the findings of a recent coroner's inquest, a grey Toyota was being driven at a high rate of speed in an attempt to pass another car on a single-lane roadway. The Toyota's driver apparently lost control when he hit the other vehicle, then left the roadway and struck the two men. Both reportedly died instantly at the accident scene.

RAF sergeant ordered to pay £4000 after stunt goes wrong

An RAF flight sergeant has been ordered to pay £4000 after a prank left a women injured. Frans Bekker broke a tube passengers back after he tried to jump on to an escalator handrail. He lost control and fell down the escalator in Central London. The 51 year old had been goaded into the stunt by a group of his friends.  The accident happened at Holburn Station. 

Carpet company fined after wall collapses on worker

A carpet company based in Littleborough has been fined by a court in Manchester after an employee suffered serious injuries when a concrete wall collapsed on top of him. Aaron Ridings, aged 39, from Littleborough, broke his leg, back, pelvis and hip in the incident on 29 July 2013. The accident happened at West Pennine Carpets Limited. The employee required the use of wheelchair for eight weeks and was on crutches for seven months. The injuries sustained are likely to affect him for the rest of his life.

Reverend mows down teenager

A 67 year old reverend swore at a teenager he knocked down in his car. Christopher Cheeseman became aggressive after driving into 18 year old Dillion Hodgson. A court heard that the teenager was flipped onto the car bonnet and covered in blood. 

Thomas Cook apologise for Corfu Carbon Monoxide deaths

Holiday company Thomas Cook have apologised to the parents of two children who died from carbon monoxide poisoning while on holiday in Corfu. Robert and Christianne Shepard were killed by fumes from a faulty water boiler in 2006.

The family of the two small children have been left stunned after discovering that Thomas Cook received £3.5 million in compensation when the family received only a small fraction of that amount.

The children were on holiday with their father and step mother when the tragedy happened. The children, from Horbury near Wakefield, were found in their holiday bungalow by a chamber maid. Their father and stepmother were also ill and in a coma but recovered in hospital.

Thomas Cook have said that that it was 'shocked and saddened' by the deaths of the two youngster.

The family had to endure a 3 year battle in the Greek courts to get justice for the children. Three people, including the hotel manager and three members of staff were found guilty of manslaughter and received 7 years in prison. Eight further staff were cleared of any responsibility.

Thomas Cook have changed the procedures that they implement since the tragedy in 2006.

Mistakes that can hurt a personal injury claim

In the unfortunate event that a person is injured after slipping and falling, they may be entitled to compensation. The laws surrounding personal injury claims, however, are complicated, and residents of Manchester may wish to learn about some of the most common reasons why claims are delayed or rejected.

A personal injury claim relies on being able to show that an injury was caused and that it was due to the negligence of a third party. Establishing evidence of these facts, either at the time of the accident or as soon as possible afterwards, may be difficult for a person who is already embarrassed by their fall. However, it may help their case in the event that an insurer challenges them.

Services disrupted by the collision of a car with a packed tram

Commuters in Manchester may have been affected by delays on their journey home on May 4 when Metrolink services were disrupted. A collision between a car and one of Metrolink's trams halted all services between Eccles and Cornbrook.

A representative for the Transport for Greater Manchester reported that there appeared to be no serious injuries because of the traffic accident. However, police and medical staff were called to the location. The incident occurred at approximately 5 p.m. on Monday in Salford Quays. According to witnesses, a woman in a black BMW drove through a set of traffic lights and knocked down a railing. She went on to collide with the tram full of passengers after driving onto the tracks. The driver appeared to be unhurt, but the passengers on the tram had to be evacuated through the emergency doors.

Are cycling injuries increasing?

The number of people who go cycling has been increasing, as bikes are used more often for both standard transportation and for recreation and exercise. Along with this increase, there has been an uptick in accidents and injuries. While this is to be expected, it's very much worth noting that the amount of injuries is actually climbing at a faster rate than the amount of new cyclists.

While some cyclists crash on their own, the vast majority are involved in accidents with other vehicles on the road. Only about 8 per cent crashed with no other involvement, while 92 per cent collided with other cyclists or motor vehicles.