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Are cycling injuries increasing?

The number of people who go cycling has been increasing, as bikes are used more often for both standard transportation and for recreation and exercise. Along with this increase, there has been an uptick in accidents and injuries. While this is to be expected, it's very much worth noting that the amount of injuries is actually climbing at a faster rate than the amount of new cyclists.

While some cyclists crash on their own, the vast majority are involved in accidents with other vehicles on the road. Only about 8 per cent crashed with no other involvement, while 92 per cent collided with other cyclists or motor vehicles.

£20,000 dental implants after brutal attack

A man has been left needing expensive dental work after an attack outside a nightclub. Callum Newman was attacked by Liam Pate outside a nightclub. He was attacked and left with severe damage to his teeth that will cost around £20,000 to correct. Mr Newman also suffered facial disfigurement and faces three sets of dental implants over his lifetime each costing an estimated £6000

Man recalls horrors of night he ran over his girlfriend's father

A man who ran over of his girlfriend's dad has recalled horror of the fateful night. Michael Jackson, aged 34, said he felt only a slight bump when he was driving in the early hours of a June morning in 2014. A badly injured man's body was later found on the road. In a twist of fate it was later discovered that the victim was his girlfriend's father.

Women critically ill after Tesco car park smash

An 84-year-old woman has been left in a coma fighting for her life after being hit by a husband's car as he tried to park at a Tesco supermarket. Husband and smashed into three cars while attempting to parallel park his vehicle. The woman was trying to help her husband park when the car accelerated into her and left her with a serious head injury. She also suffered injuries to her throat, legs and a number of broken bones. A Passer-by stated that she was covered in blood. The ambulance service attended the accident scene just after 10 AM on Easter Sunday morning. A Tesco employee held the women in his arms and tried to comfort her she was rushed to hospital Prince was accompanied by the air ambulance to give extra support.

Tragic Teen dies shortly after a 18th Birthday

A tragic teen died just days after her 18th birthday after being hit a car close to where she lived. Justine Connolly spent five days in a, after she sustained serious head injuries following the accident in Milton Keynes. Her parents have paid tribute to her and said that she was the light of their lives and are devastated by her passing. Justine suddenly succumbed to her injuries and died in hospital with her family surrounding her.

18 year old left in coma after horror car smash

An 18-year-old girl was left with serious injuries after being involved in a horrific car accident that killed her father. Alice Schofield suffered broken collarbone, broken ribs, broken pelvis, punctured her lungs, and sustained tears to a liver kidney and spleen. She's been left in intensive care and has no idea that her father has been killed. The tragic collision happened six months ago and this has been left lying in a hospital bed ever since due to the severity of her injuries. Alice's mother has stated that they were once the norm family to do many things to gather. However, now her husband sits in a box on the coffee table and her daughter remains in a Newcastle hospital bed. The family are from Middlesbrough. The mother stated that she misses cooking her family and even arguing with her daughter and her husband.

Woman injured in pavement collapse accident

A woman was hospitalised after falling down a hole in a London pavement. The shock accident happened last week on a busy London High Street and the victim was pushing a shopping trolley. Witnesses described hearing a loud scream as the woman disappeared through a gap in the brick pavement falling approximately 4 m. Other witnesses stated that a man had also fallen down the same hall in full, West London shortly before this accident and had injured his ankle.

Young couple delivering wedding invites killed in horror car smash

Young couple have been involved in a horror car crash whilst out delivering wedding invitations to friends and family. Mariusz Dudek and Dominika Lewandowska, both aged 24, from Poland, were killed instantly in a head on collision. The Audi they were travelling in collided with a Volvo being driven by Father Grzegorz, aged 35. The couple were due to get married in May after getting engaged in December 2014. The young pair were extremely excited by their upcoming wedding. An eye- witness said that the priest had been overtaking a tractor and swerved in front of his car. The witness said that Father Grzegorz must have thought he could get past the tractor and that he sped up. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to get past the tractor and the Volvo ploughed into the oncoming Audi. All three victims were killed instantly.

Army instructor loses leg in car park accident

An army driving instructor lost his leg in an accident and has been awarded more than £1 million in compensation. The accident happened at the Defence school of Transport were the victim he had been working as an army driving instructor. The Ministry of Defence admitted negligence for the accident. The man, aged 57, was knocked off his motorbike by a passing car in a temporary car park. As a result of the incident he suffered a double fracture to his leg , complications led to him having his leg amputated below the knee. The site where the accident happened provided driving training for the RAF, Royal Marines and the Army, as well as specialist training to the police and fire service. However, the car parking site was chaotic with little organisation. There were no way of drivers knowing who had the right way, no speed limits in place and no junction signs. This lack of organisation was despite the centre training 19,000 drivers a year.

The Consumer Protection Act 1987 covers product liability cases

Purchasing defective products can be dangerous, but there are times when consumers don't know that products are dangerous when they are purchased. When a product is used in the manner in which it was intended but causes harm, the consumer has the right to bring an action for person injury compensation against the retailer or manufacturer.

The Consumer Protection Act 1987 covers cases that involve product safety. It states that products have to be safe when used in their intended manner. It says that a product can be considered defective if a consumer purchases it and the product doesn't meet the legitimate expectations of the consumer.