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Worker injured by forklift awarded compensation

A worker who was hit by a forklift truck successfully brought a claim against his employer, a food packaging firm in Buxton. The 42-year-old man was hit by the vehicle in 2012, suffering multiple breaks to his leg which required a six-day hospital stay and the insertion of pins and metal bars to repair the injury.

The company was investigated by the Health and Safety Executive after the man was injured in the work accident. It was discovered that there was no system in place to allow safe working practices on the factory floor, leading to the prosecution. The firm admitted to a breach of the 1999 Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and a breach of the 1992 Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations. They were fined £30,000 and instructed to pay £2,979 towards the costs of the prosecution.

NHS face massive compensation bill after eye operation blunders

The NHS are facing a massive compensation nil after patients have been left with poor sight after cataract surgery. The problems started when the NHS hired a private firm to complete cataract surgery. The procedures were carried out at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton. The company were hired to help clear a backlog in May 2014. The hospital hired private provider Vanguard but soon terminated the contract after a number of patients complained of pain, swelling and blurred vision. A man in his 80s has claimed to have lost his sight as a result of the incident. A full investigation is now under way.

Holiday hell leads to compensation pay out

A women who became seriously ill at a Mexican hotel has successfully recovered compensation. Natalie Daymond aged 27, had her birthday celebrations ruin when she became ill. She suffered severe sickness and diarrhoea at the Barcelo Costa hotel in Cancun. The hotel was dirty with filthy bedsheets and bedrooms. The left over food was reheated and the chicken and meat was served pink.  The swimming pool and surfaces around the pool were also dirty.

Worker wins compensation for near-fatal accident

A man won a five-figure settlement after a court ruled that his employer had neglected to adequately assess or ensure safety procedures. The man's throat was sliced by an angle grinder in the workplace accident, and he was told by medical professionals that he was lucky to survive. The man had to take over two months off work. He told the court that he was unable to perform even basic tasks without help.

The 48-year-old welder was using the grinder to cut a large piece of steel when the defective product "kicked back" against the metal and sliced his throat. The man was wearing "full protective equipment" at the time. His was described as being only millimetres from a fatal injury. He required emergency medical attention to "clear debris from the wound and repair muscle damage." The treatment included 17 staples to close the wound, which has left a 12-inch scar.

Mother misdiagnosed with terminal cancer receives compensation

A mother in Scotland has been awarded a compensation payout after a hospital blunder at Aberdeen Royal a Infirmary. Denise Clark, aged 34, was told that she had terminal cancer and described her ordeal as 'absolute' hell. She planned her own funeral, spent £10,000 on alternative therapies and wrote farewell letters to her children. Denise was confused as to why she was feeling so well despite being diagnosed with terminal cancer and demanded another scan. The second scan revealed that the growth in her pelvis was malignant.

Food poisoning on holiday? Can you claim?

Food poisoning on holiday can be a nightmare and totally ruin your holiday. A group of holiday makers in Egypt have fallen ill after a sickness bug swept through a luxury hotel. Many of the holiday makers were put on drips in their hotel beds. Tourists staying at the hotel blamed the sickness bug on dirty buffet food containers and poor hygiene. Up to 100 Brits were affected and put on intravenous drips. The victims were finally diagnosed with Shigella. This is a nasty food poisoning bug and it is closely related to the salmonella bug and tests were also carried out for the salmonella bug.

Army officer sustains injury during charity march

An army officer has been awarded compensation after injuries sustained in a charity march. Laura Fermor, aged 31, stated that the injuries left her unable to continue with her military career. The incident happen in 2008 when she was taken part in a march along Hadrian's wall. She stated that she experienced pain in both her hips and received physiotherapy for a number months before her deployment to Cyprus on a military campaign.  

£400,000 compensation payout for Norfolk Police

Norfolk Police have paid out over £400,000 in compensation over the last 12 months. The Norfolk Constabulary are on of the top 5 police forces for compensation payouts. They were in second place behind the Metropolitan Police Force in London. The compensation payouts were for both members of the public and also it's own staff.

Scientist left with brain damage after 999 blunder

A scientist that was left brain damaged after an ambulance blunder has been awarded compensation. The scientist was left waiting 100 minutes for an ambulance to arrive after she collapsed in her home. Caren Paterson, aged 36, collapsed and her boyfriend swiftly dialled 999. They lived in Islington and the address was flagged as high ridk so the ambulance crew waited just 100m away from the property for a police escort to arrive. Caren eventually suffered a cardiac arrest just minutes before the ambulance crew and police arrived.

Police motorcyclist awarded compensation for hearing loss

A former police motorcyclist has been awarded a £6,500 after a successful hearing loss claim. Peter Hall, aged 56 from Stockport, was a member of the British Tramsport Police motorbike unit. On a daily basis he rode high powered bikes at speeds of up to 120mph. For more than a decade he rode fast motorbikes in response to emergency calls.