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Steel company prosecuted after accident at work

A Herefordshire based Steelwork company has been fined by Hereford Magistrates Court after an accident at work. The employee, who did not want to be named, was working for Frank Dale Limited when the accident happened in October 2012. The employee had been asked to move metal sheeting with a overhead crane and magnet. Each sheet had to be moved approximately 10 metres and lifted 1.5 metres off the ground and then placed into a converyer belt.

The worker had successful moved two of the 6 metre long strips, each weighing nearly 200kg. While he was moving the third sheet it came loose from the magnet, bounced off the conveyor belt and landed on the workers foot. He suffered broken toes and could not work for 6 weeks.

The Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation and it was discovered that the magnet was unsuitable for this type of metal sheeting. The accident could have been totally avoided.  

The steelmetal company were fined £12,000 after pleading guilty to breaching health and safety regulations.

Employee breaks back in roof fall accident at work

A solar panel installation company have been fined by Northampton Crown Court after a serious accident work. The company was prosecuted along with its technical director.  An employee broke his back when he fell six metres through the roof light of a barn in Northampton. The accident happen in November 2011, the 20 year old work has been left unable to work and suffering from severe depression.

The worker fell while installing solar panels for Alternative Energy Installations. He was in hospital for four weeks and the incident had a serious effect of his day to day life.

The company was prosecuted for failing to control the risk of falling through the roof light. Crawling and safety netting could have been used and this would have prevented the accident occurring. The company were £30,000 after pleading guilty to a breach of health and safety regulations. The technical director was also fined £7,300.

Last year more than 6300 employees suffered serious injuries after falling from a height at work. Working on roofs accounts for 25% of the accidents and are the single biggest cause of deaths.

Roofing firm prosecuted after serious safety failings

A roofing firm has been caught on camera putting the life of its employees at risk. The roofing company and its director have been prosecuted and fined by Trafford Magistrates court. The company had allowed employees into a roof to jet wash. The Health and Safety Executive were alerted to the high risk that employees had been facing when a member of the public took a photo of the men on the roof. The incident took place on 6 June 2013. The photo showed a worker standing halfway down a sloping roof using a jet wash to clean the roof.

As soon as the HSE saw the photo and visited the site on the same day they issued a Prohibition notice. The workers were ordered to come down from the roof. Scaffolding should have been in place to carry out this type of task. 

The company also failed to show proof that it  carried Employers Liability Insurance. This type of insurance is a requirement in UK law. If an employee has an accident they can claim on this insurance.

The company had previously been served with a Prohibition Notice in 2011 for similar serious safety breaches. IQ Roofing pleaded guilty to breaches of health and safety regulations, they were fined £3000. The company director was also fined £1000 and ordered to pay prosecution costs.  

The workers were put in serious danger and this could have led to death and injury, there was no Employers Liability insurance to claim compensation if an accident had occurred. 

Drivers trapped after lorry crash blocks M25

A lorry crash that took place on the M25 on Dec. 9 left what was described as a "catastrophic scene of carnage" after it crashed through the central reservation in the early hours of the morning. Several other vehicles were also involved in the incident. The road traffic accident left one dead and left three others requiring hospital treatment for non-life-threatening injuries. Drivers were advised to find alternative routes to their destinations as the accident caused chaos on the roads.

The motorway was closed between junction 25 and junction 27, leaving hours of tailbacks as motorists were unable to advance or retreat during the morning rush hour. Several cars were involved in the accident, with a number of casualties trapped in their vehicles. A number of those trapped in the tailback used social media, particularly Twitter, to express their feelings.

Investigation launched after man fell while on duty

The BBC is being investigated by the Health and Safety Executive after a man, who was thought to have been working, alone was found after falling from an internal ceiling. The man was taken to hospital for specialist treatment for multiple injuries after being discovered at the Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire.

Two rapid response units, an ambulance and another doctor attended the workplace accident, and a spokesperson said that the police believe the incident was accidental. The man, who is in his 30s, was working at the independent studio on an internal ceiling when he fell. The studio is used to film a number of televisions shows as well as blockbuster films such as The King's Speech and Indiana Jones.

Deputy Prime Minister announces bike cash award

Manchester is one of eight cities to be awarded a share of a multi-million-pound fund to improve cycling safety and popularity. The Deputy Prime Minister stated that he was committed to helping the nation become a cycling nation, noting that the potential rewards could add up to billions of pounds in savings for the NHS as well as less pollution and congestion.

The £214 million cash boost is intended to improve each city's cycling network, promote cycling as a healthy way of travelling and reduce bicycle accidents. The Cycling Ambition Cities, which also include Oxford, Newcastle, Norwich, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge and Leeds, will be allocated a collective £114 million over the next 36 months that will be spent on increasing cyclist safety at dangerous junctions as well as speeding up the development of local biking networks.

Workers skull removed after horror accident at work

A maintenance engineer has had a part of his skull removed after a serious accident at work. The accident resulted in a traumatic brain injury and he has now received significant sum in compensation. Mr Tom Williams was working at Manor Bakeries Ltd which is a part of the Premier Foods Group. He was creating a new walkway in the building and had to remove a pillar from a ceiling in one of the engineering stores. Tom, age 65, was using an angle grinder in an attempt to remove a section of the pillar while he was doing this the top section of the structure became unsafe and fell striking him on the head. He sustained a number of injuries including swelling to his brain and fractures to his neck. The injuries were so severe that he fell into a coma.

Safety training in the workplace is important

It is extremely important safety training is provided in your work place. Between 2013 and 2014 more than 130 people were killed in accident at work and nearly 80,000 were injured as a result of poor health and safety training at work. A US airline with find in 2011 at the Field provide staff with proper training on how to use the fire system within the aircraft that they were travelling on. Colgan Air were fined nearly $2 million but it was stated that there were extremely lucky that nobody was killed as a result of the significant safety failures.

Firm fined after worker suffers severe chemical burns

A fabric company in Rochdale has been ordered to pay nearly £11,000 in fines and costs after an employee suffered severe chemical burns to most of his body. The 47-year-old factory worker fell into a vat of fabric bleach when he was trying to free a jam in the mangle rollers. The court heard that he had climbed onto the vat to reach the jam, slipped and fallen into the corrosive solution.

As a result of the workplace accident the man suffered serious burns to his legs, groin, chest, arms and lips, as well as cutting his nose and eyebrow. The man was taken to Wythenshawe Burns Unit in an air ambulance and was unable to work for over three months due to the severity of his injuries.

Injured on Black Friday?

image.jpgBlack Friday is a American tradition that has been adopted in the UK. This day sees flash sales in shops with huge discounts on products. It was estimated that £6000 was spent by consumers every six seconds. The massive volume of shoppers heading to stores to bag bargains led to chaotic scenes. People go crazy for a bargain and this can bring out the worst in people.

This year the big price cuts led to many heading to the stores, some camping out overnight in a bid to bag the best bargains on offer.