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Claims that airbag safety audits were suspended

A U.S. Senate staff report has been published claiming that safety audits at two factories involved in the manufacture of faulty airbags were suspended for two years. One of the factories, located in Mexico, assembles the airbags while the Washington plant produces components. Manchester residents may have previously read that the defective airbags are thought to have resulted in eight deaths and over a hundred injuries worldwide and has led to approximately 34 million vehicles being recalled in the U.S.

Takata, the company manufacturing the airbags, denied that safety reviews at the factories were stopped at any time and criticised the report for using inaccurate sources and creating false impressions. A Senate committee hearing regarding the defective airbags is due to take place in June when personnel from organisations such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Takata, Honda and Fiat Chrysler will be questioned.





Payout for car crash victim

A man involved in a serious car accident has been awarded £1.5 million, section. Peter Seagal was a high flying executive when he was involved in a car accident in November 2009. The accident happened in Norwich and the victim was stationary at traffic lights when another vehicle ploughed into the back of his vehicle at 30 miles an hour. At the time of the accident he did not lose consciousness on bore no obvious marks of trauma but he suffered a serious and permanent brain injury which will affect him for the rest of his life. Initially the defendant insurers insist that his injuries/were worth only about £5000.

Acrobat scarred in fireball explosion

An acrobat has been left looking like a monster after a fireball burnt most of his body. Jumaa Karani, aged 25, will never be able to visit his daughter in Kenya you because the strong sunlight would do further damage to his skin. He spent a year in hospital and was left in a coma for a number of months.. The accident happened in October 2012. The fire was so severe that the clothes he wore that day have branded a mark on to his skin.

Second Smiler victim has leg amputated

A second Alton Towers Smiler roller coaster victim has had their leg amputated. Vicky Balch, aged 20, has now had her leg amputated below the leg. Surgeons tried to save the leg and she underwent 7 gruelling operations but these were unfortunately unsuccessful. Vicky, a dancer, was injured when the theme park ride crashed into an empty carriage in front of it on 2nd June 2015. A few days after the accident the news emerged that Leah Washington, aged 17, had her left leg amputated above the knee. A number of other riders also sustained serious injuries.

£9000 payout after dental blunders

A young woman has received more than £9000 after botched dental treatment. The treatment she received made her afraid to smile and she was left in excruciating pain, with pieces of dental file lodged in her gums after treatment by three different dentists over a 12 year period. Samantha Lofthouse, aged 26, from Birmingham, now faces months of painful treatments to try and correct the negligent work to her teeth.

Defective household appliances may put homeowners at risk

Manchester residents who are concerned about safety in the home may be interested in knowing more about the results of an investigation regarding house fires. According to a report published by news sources on June 15, 2015, major household appliances caused 12,000 such fires between 2011 and 2014. Sources indicate that appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers were responsible for a major portion of these fires.

The appliances are most likely to cause a fire if they are inherently faulty or have been improperly installed or maintained. According to the consumer association that conducted the investigation, a number of the faulty appliances had been recalled by manufacturers prior to any incidents of fire, but many consumers did not receive notice because they had failed to register their appliances when they purchased them.

Families evacuated after swimming pool chemical leak

More than 40 people were rushed to hospital after a chemical leak at a swimming pool. A number of families were evacuated from a holiday park near Great Yarmouth after reports that swimmers were suffering stinging to their eyes. Those evacuated, including a three-year-old child, were treated for injuries after the pool was evacuated. Paramedics wrapped the victims in foil and many were coughing and spluttering. An eyewitness stated that a lot of the children were crying and that you could see the look of panic and fear on the faces of all those involved. Another eyewitness stated that everybody was saying that it was to do with the chlorine in the swimming pool.