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Product Recall- Tesco Blackcurrant & Apple Juice Drink

Tesco have been forced to recall one its popular fruit drinks after complaints of the drink making customers ill. The supermarket Giants withdrew its own brand Apple and Blackcurrant squash. Angry customers have taken to social media to express their concerns that Tesco appear to have kept the recall hidden as details were not posted on its website.

Man loses arm in accident at work

A company based in Powys has been handed a fine after a worker lost an arm in an accident at work. Brian Morris, aged 59, was working at a factory owned by Stagecraft Display Ltd when the incident occurred in February 2012. Mr Morris had been on an 11 hour shift and was carrying out the last task of the day. This task was to clean the saw and saw well that he had been using.

Crisp Manufacturer fined after worker loses finger tip

A crisp manufacturer has been fined after a worker lost the tip of his finger in an accident at work. Tyrells Crisps, based in Herefordshire were fined £8000 after worker lost a part of his finger in a crisp fryer. The case was heard in Hereford Magistrates Court and the company pleaded guilty to breach of health and safety regulations. The 35-year-old employee was asked to clean the machine in November 2012. As the machine was being cleaned his finger was caught in the moving chain mechanism. This caused the middle finger on his left hand to be severed below the joint. He was rushed to hospital and was off work for two months. He never returned to work at the crisp company.

Construction firm fined £10,000 for roof fall accident

A building firm has been fined £10,000 after a mental health patient fell from the roof at the Royal Preston Hospital in Fulwood. The victim was aged 17 and suffered a broken back after the 6 metre fall. The company responsible, W Highes and Son LTD were prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive as they failed to prevent access to the area. The firm had been hired to replace a flat roof I a single storey building. Scaffolding was put in place to enable the workers to reach the roof. However, no actions were taken to fence off the steps that led up the scaffolding tower. 

Teenager dies from food allergy in Manchester Restaurant

A teenager has died after suffering an allergic reaction in a Manchester restaurant. The incident happened at the Almost Famous restaurant. Initial tests revealed that her death was a result of brain damage caused by an allergic reaction. Shahida Shahid told staff in the restaurant that she suffered from food allergies and staff then recommended a dish that was safe for her to consume. A chicken dish was recommended as being appropriate for her allergies.

Toddler paralysed by drink driver

A little boy has been left paralysed after an accident involving a drunk driver. The accident tragically happened on the day that baby JJ took his very first steps. Little JJ will never walk again. The driver, Daniel Thrower had downed 4 cans of lager before he used his girlfriends vehicle to drive the wrong way down a by pass hitting the car that the family were travelling in.

Pensioner left bleeding in the road for 90 minutes after accident

A pensioner was left bleeding in the road for more than 90 minutes after been knocked over on a pelican crossing. Mrs Freeborn, aged 70, had been walking to church when the accident happened. A witness called 999 immediately after the accident but the ambulance took over 90 minutes to arrive. The victim has been knocked unconscious and was bleeding heavily from her head.

Benefits available for on-the-job work injuries in Manchester

Unfortunately, many workers are injured while on the job working at a Manchester-area company. When a workplace accident causes serious injury or when workplace conditions cause illness, benefits may be available through filing a claim with the Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit.

People may be eligible for benefits under the IIDB if they were employed at the time of the accident or illness-causing event. They may also be covered if they were participating in an approved work-training programme when the event or accident occurred. Finally, the accident or illness-causing event must have occurred within Wales, Scotland or England.

Bus driver dies protecting his passengers

A bus driver died while trying to save his passengers after a horror crash. David Willams was at the wheel of his bus when it crashed and hit three other cars. It is thought that he suffered a heart attack shortly after the accident. Witnesses to the accident aftermath said that the bus driver was trying to protect his passengers shortly before he died. Emergency services rushed to the accident scene and performed first aid and used a defibrillator in a bid to save the bus driver but unfortunately he died at the accident scene.

Child suffers head injury at Surrey theme park

A young girl suffered a fractured skull and bleeding in the brain after falling over 4 metres at a Surrey theme park. The child was queuing for a ride with her parents when wooden safety posts gave way, causing her serious head injuries and broken ribs. The accident left her needing specialist treatment and extensive rehabilitation support after a month spent in hospital.

The theme park released a statement saying that the falling accident was an isolated incident, but the Crown Court in Guildford heard that a family nearer to the front of the queue had been forced to grab their child's coat to prevent a similar accident. An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive found that dripping water had rotted the fencing because a preservative coating had not been applied to the palings.