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Cyclist sues Tesco after losing leg

A women who had her leg amputated in the road side is suing Tesco. Julie Dinsdale, aged 53, was crushed under the wheels of a Tesco lorry, and was lucky to survive. The HGV ran over her leg and bike on a roundabout in October 2015.

Dream Caribbean Cruise ruined by holiday sickness

A woman has won a compensation pay out after her dream cruise holiday turned into a holiday nightmare. Linda Bedford booked a trip on the Oasis of the Seas cruise. However she was quarantined in her room for 48 hours with sickness and diarrhoea. Linda, from Flintshire, believes that her illness on board the cruise ship was caused by poor hygiene. A claim was made against cruise firm, Royal Caribbean International, the cruise company initially denied liability for causing the illness during the trip in May 2014. Linda said that she and her partner booked the cruise to enable them to spend some quality time together. However, shortly into the cruise, Linda, 54, began suffering with sickness and diarrhoea. When the ship eventually docked in Mexico she rushed to see a medic.

Tesco pays £1.1 million in slip and fall compensation

A 48-year-old woman who was left with long-term back injuries after slipping and falling in a supermarket has been awarded compensation of over £1 million. The incident occurred in the well-known supermarket chain Tesco, which has branches throughout the Manchester area and across Britain. The woman slipped in the fruit section of the store after stepping on some grapes and was injured so severely she was unable to stand up.

In the hearing, the retailer defended itself by presenting video evidence secured by a private investigator regarding her movements after the incident and brought photos of her at a concert to the court's attention. But the judge said that video did not show anything to contradict the woman's testimony and heard her say that attending the concert had caused her severe pain for the following few days. She was a physically active person before her injuries riding, dancing and playing sports, and the judge accepted that there were psychiatric outcomes from her injuries and agreed that she was unlikely to be able to work ever again.

Balmoral Cruise ship passengers struck down by Norovirus

Hundreds of cruise ship passengers have suffered a nightmare holiday after being struck down by norovirus. More than 200 passengers were on the Balmoral cruise ship, when they were struck down with diarrhoea and sickness. The passengers were on a 34 night cruise to America. 15 passengers were confined to their cabins due to illness. The cruise firm insisted that they put in place extensive sanitation measures for cleaning of the ship to prevent the spread of the highly contagious illness. The Cruise ship left Southampton on April 16. The majority of the passengers on board are British and the cruise line company have also said that 8 of its 500 staff have also fallen ill. This ship is not scheduled return to Southampton until May 20th 2016 A spokesman for the cruise company said that they have fully co-operated with maritime authorities but the ship had not been quarantined and the cruise would continue as planned. It is believed that the highly contagious gastric illness was brought on board the ship and is spread by person-to-person or surface to surface contact. Those affected have been asked to remain their cabins with complimentary room service and in-room entertainment.

Toddlers holiday ruined by holiday illness

A couple from Wales have started a legal battle against Holiday Company First Choice after a dream holiday to Turkey turned into a nightmare. The couple's 10-month-old daughter was hospitalised and placed on an IV drip. Geoffrey and Nicky Williams, from Wales, booked a luxury trip to the all-inclusive holiday Village resort in Turkey with their 10-month-old daughter Lily. A few days into the week-long holiday, Lily began to suffer from sickness and diarrhoea and was sent to a local hospital. She was admitted to hospital as she was rapidly losing weight and she was also severely dehydrated. While in hospital the youngster was placed on an IV drip to help her recover from her symptoms.

Argos issues recall after child car seat safety scare

Safety concerns over children's car seats have apparently been revealed by a parenting website after a number of people contacted it with concerns over the product. The news was reported by a Manchester newspaper and involves the Mamas and Papas car seats sold by Argos in stores all over the country. The catalog retailer has released an urgent recall of the product after questions have been asked regarding the ability of these seats to provide adequate protection.

The worry is that the child car seats may break when a vehicle is involved in an accident. While no reports of injuries have been received concerning the product, Argos has apologised to its customers for the inconvenience that the recall may have caused them and said that it will issue refunds for any of the affected car seats that are returned. The recall is aimed at a number of models of the product and Argos has said that customers should stop using the item straight away.

Brexit could lead to increased workplace risks

The General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress has warned that the government has indicated its willingness to ease the level of health and safety regulation if Britain leaves the European Union. She pointed out that some of the strongest supporters of the Brexit campaign viewed health and safety regulations as excessive bureaucracy and that people employed in the Manchester area could be faced with reduced levels of safety protection in their working environments.

Many of the health and safety regulations that have helped reduce the number of deaths and injuries in the U.K. have been initiated in Europe. The number of worker deaths dropped from 368 in 1992 to 142 in 2015 and the death rate per 100,000 workers was reduced to less than 0.5 from 1.5. The TUC has attributed this reduction in fatalities in part to the laws that have come out of Europe, pointing out that 41 out of 65 health and safety regulations introduced between 1997 and 2009 are the result of Britain's E.U. membership.

4 year old injured by aircraft airbag

A 4 year old girl was left with horrific injuries after a plane airbag exploded on her face. Daisy James was travelling to London Heathrow when the incident happened. She suffered cuts, burns and bruising to her face, chest, arm and thigh. The airbag inside her seatbelt deployed by mistake. When she landed in the UK here face was three times its normal size and she was unable to eat or speak. Daisy was rushed to medics who gave her morphine for the pain.  

Defective batteries could cause hearing aids to explode

A main supplier to the NHS of batteries used for powering hearing aids have had its product recalled after news that several production batches of the item are faulty and could cause an explosion in the hearing device. The director of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has said that the chances of a malfunction are low, but Manchester residents using hearing aids should check the batteries installed in their units. The faulty products are being withdrawn from sale and distribution.

The defective batteries are produced by a Chinese company called ZeniPower, and the affected batches have use-by dates of August and September 2018. No incidents of injuries have been reported to date but an urgent product recall has been issued as a precaution. Almost 1.5 million people in the U.K. use hearings aids and the manufacturer also sells its products to 40 countries across the globe.

Women claims £5 million after life changing car crash

A woman is suing her dead partner for £5 million she claims he drove too fast before a car crash that left him dead and left her severely disabled. Christina Everett aged 29, was appalled in the crash in Edinburgh in January 2013. Her partner was driving a Honda motor vehicle when they hit a HGV trailer.