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Holiday maker falls ill on luxury Morrocan holiday

A couple are taking legal action against a travel operator after one of them contracted food poisoning. The illness turned a birthday celebration holiday into the holiday from hell. James Grattan, 51 and his wife Paula, aged 50 were staying at a four-star hotel in Morocco. The 2 week holiday was booked as a birthday celebration and the couple had been looking forward to it for a long time. James quickly fell ill and suffered terrible symptoms at the hotel and when he returned home. More than half the holiday was ruined. He also had to take extra time off work to recover from all the symptoms and said that he still does not feel right.

Father and two children killed in horror French car crash

A British father and his two children have been killed in a horrific car crash in France. It is thought that John Crompton, aged 31, fell asleep at the wheel of his vehicle.. He was driving his family in their Nissan saloon vehicle when they careered off the road, through a safety barrier and smashing into a bridge pillar. Emergency services pulled his partner from the wreckage and she had sustained only minor injuries. Their two-year-old son Kyle was left in a critical condition and was airlifted to hospital, his condition is described as life threatening.

Daughter of Hollywood star awarded £7 million in compensation

The daughter of Hollywood actor Paul Walker has received a £7 million pay out. Walker was killed in a high speed crash in November 2013 when he was travelling as a passenger in a Porsche Carrera GT, which was been driven by Roger Rodas when it crashed. Traveling at approximately 93mph, the vehicle crashed into trees and brush into flames.

Luxury cruise illness leads to loss of eye sight

Cruise ship passengers have been awarded a compensation payout after a nightmare holiday. The dream holiday turned into the holiday from hell for 200 passengers. The is,and cruise visited Gibraltar, Morocco and Madeira. The passengers have been awarded up to £10,000 after bringing a claim against the cruise ship holiday company. The payouts were awarded in an out of court settlement. Many of the passengers were taken ill on the cruise ship and suffered from diarrhoea and vomiting. There were reports of found being served lukewarm, blocked toilets overflowing with urine. New food was also added to the old food and this caused severe food poisoning to a number of passengers on board. The passengers suffered from cramps, vomiting, lethargy and diarrhoea.

IKEA issued urgent recall after crush death

IKEA have launched an urgent product recall after a third child was crushed to death by a toppling unit. The company was forced to issue safety advice about its Malm range, last year after two children were killed in separate incidents in the UK and the US A. The company has now had to urgently reiterate those warnings after a 22-month-old boy died after a six drawer unit fell on top of him.

Warning over glass fragments in rum sold by major retailers

The possible contamination of a number of brands of spirits sold by Aldi and Asda has led to the recall of several rum labels. The contamination is in the form of small fragments of glass that may be present in the bottles. The announcement was sent out just a month after another recall that shoppers in the Manchester area may recall, where the manufacturer of chocolate products, Mars, issued a warning concerning various types of its merchandise.

Glen Turner Company Ltd supplies several types of rum to the supermarkets and has issued the recall. The Food Standards Agency reported that the company had discovered a manufacturing defect that could result in slivers of glass being in the bottles which would be a health risk if the contents were ingested. The issue affects the 70cl size bottles used for both dark and white rum and the two retailers released the details of the brands that may affected so that customers can return them to the store for a refund.

Family forgiveness prevents man being jailed after death crash

The family of a man who died after he was hit by a speeding truck hugged the killer as he walked free from court. Luke Bates, aged 32, was embraced by relatives of Brian Herrick, 69, as they had asked the Crown Court to show mercy on him. The family had said that they did not want to see Mr Bates behind bars because it would leave a young family without their father. Mr Herrick was killed when his vehicle was involved in a horror smash on October 6, 2015. He had just dropped his partner and three sisters at the airport as they were going to Spain on holiday. Shortly after he dropped them off, a truck travelling at 47 mph in a 40 mph zone smashed into his car.

Recall system failing to ensure faulty products are removed

A leading consumer magazine has found that approximately 3,700 fires are started in the home each year due to defective consumer products. Homeowners in the Greater Manchester area may be alarmed to hear that some of the items in their residences may have been identified as being a potential hazard by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, the system of recalling defective consumer products in the U.K. means that these goods may still be in circulation.

If a manufacturer or retailer discovers that there is a fault in its product, the law does not require the company to inform its customers of this fact and it is not legally obliged to issue a recall for the defective product. The hoverboard toy has become widely popular in the U.S. and England, but some versions of the product have also been noted for their potential to catch fire. One person in the U.S. had his hover board catch fire when he used it just three days after he purchased the toy.

Aldi food recall and factory closure

Consumers in Manchester may be interested to know that near the end of March 2016, a South Bank food factory was implicated in a major product recall that affected Aldi products. According to reports, the manufacturer, Baketime Ltd., was responsible for the production of as many as 16 individual snack items that were recalled over fears of contamination.

According to news sources, the facility that made the potentially dangerous products shut its doors of its own accord until an investigation could determine more about what happened. The food that was recalled was allegedly made in conditions described as unhygienic. While an Aldi spokesperson cautioned customers who already purchased the items against consuming them, the company failed to detail the risks that those who had already eaten them might face.