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Faulty fairground ride causes injury to teenager

A fairground manufacturing company have been prosecuted after a life threatening accident on an extreme ride at a festival in Hertfordshire. The 14 year old student was injured at the Sonisphere music festival at Knebwork Park in August 2008. He was riding on the Orbitor Extreme Ride when he came free from the harness and was thrown through the steel perimeter fence panels. The student sustained broken ribs, a torn aorta, a broken shoulder and a shattered ankle. The Orbitor Extreme had recently been delivered from the manufacturer.  The student was rushed to hospital where he remained for a week. Inspectors discovered a number of defects with the machinery. The defects had not picked up during any of the rides tests. The ride was completely unsafe.

TV soap Emmerdale depicts farming accident

The viewers of Emmerdale recently witnessed Andy Sugden involved in a shock accident at work. Andy was rushed to hospital with serious arm injuries. The accident happened after Adam, who had been drinking, jumped into a tractor and started the engine. Adam was unaware that Andy was behind him rethreading the baler. The arm injury was serious and left wondering if he will be able to work again and provide for his family. Andy is unable to work after the accident.

Construction fall accident leaves employee paralysed

A construction company based in Southwark has been prosecuted and fined £126,000 after an employee was paralysed from the waist down after he fell over eight metres. The 38 year old from Beckenham, did not want to be named, was involved in the accident on 1st July 2011. The life changing injuries have left him unable to work or wall and he has had to adjust to the test of his life in a wheelchair. The worker had been working in a team that were transforming a Victorian Hotel into townhouses.

Employee suffers wrist injury in accident at work

A Mansfield company has been prosecuted and fined after a worker fell more that four metres through a roof light. The accident happened while the employee was installing solar panels to a barn. The accident happened on 19 June 2012 at a farm in Barnsley. The 25 year old worker was very lucky to have not been killed but did sustain injuries to his wrist. His wrist was fractured and needed to be pinned during a surgical procedure.

Electrical explosion leads to prosecution

A North London worker sustained life changing burns in a explosion accident at work. A 415 volt electrical cable was severed and caused an explosion. Mr Milenkov, aged 32 from Finchley, was hired by Dray Building Limited to work as a part of a team. The team were stripping out a property in Westminister and the accident happened when electrical equipment was being removed. Mr Milenkov thought that all of the electrical equipment had been safely disconnected. The explosive caused massive injuries to the employee, he sustained burns to his body, face and limbs. The hospital kept him in an induced coma for two weeks and he still suffers from pain and psychological problems.

Workplace fatality leads to £67,000 fine for turfing firm

A turfing firm based in York have been prosecuted for safety failings that led to the death of a 30 year old worker. Lee Woodhouse died from crushing injuries after he was ran over by a 27 tonne harvested he had being using in a field to harvest crops. The incident happened on 20th September 2011. The Health and Safety Executive investigated the accident and discovered that there was not a safe system of work in place. This led to the fatal accident occurring. Early in the day Mr Woodhouse had difficulties with the operation of the machine.

Care home death leads to court prosecutions

Two companies have been fined by the court after the death of a resident in a care home. Irene Sharples, aged 92, was a resident at Alexian Brothers Care Centre in Moston when she was injury by a fire door. The heavy fire door fell on the resident when renovation work was being carried out and died four weeks after the accident as a result of her injuries.

Food Factory worker loses fingers in unguarded machinery

A food company has been prosecuted for safety breaches after an employee lost two fingers in an accident at work. The worker, aged 45 from Harrow, was injured due to a machine being poorly guarded. The incident occurred in May 2013 at Dina Food Limited. The worker, who does not want to be named, was cleaning a machine when the accident happened. He was trying to detach a drum inside the machine when his foot touched the pedal and the machine started running. His right hand got caught in to machinery and the rotary mechanism badly injured his hand. The accident resulted it the partial amputation of his right finger and amputation of his little finger.

Employee seriously injured in roof fall accident

A scaffolding firm based in Carlisle has been prosecuted and fined £15,000 after an accident at work. An employee working for the firm was serious injured when he fell through a roof light. Contract Scaffolding Services Ltd had been contracted to fit a protection around the roof at a factory in Cumbria in February 2013. The 23 year old was a trainee scaffolder from Carlisle and he was working in a 4 man team. At the time of the accident the trainee scaffolder was wearing a harness but this had not been clipped onto anything. He attempted to move past one of his colleagues and as he did he fell through a roof light, falling 6 metres onto a concrete floor. A number of serious injuries were sustained including shattered knee caps. The injuries have left him unable to carry out manual labour.