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Dangerous weed control flame gun recalled

Flame guns designed for use by the general public to control weed growth around their property are sold in the Manchester area as an alternative to conventional herbicides. They are generally used to burn off weeds that are growing on hard surfaces such as paving or driveways and therefore operate at high temperatures. One particular brand of flame gun that is manufactured in Taiwan has been the subject of a product recall after a man was killed while using the device.

The flame gun in question operates at temperatures of up to 1,300 degrees Celsius, and the warnings associated with the recall state that anyone using the flame gun is at serious risk of being injured. Notification for this brand of flame gun has been issued across the EU, aimed at anyone who has purchased the item for themselves or for another person. The U.K. supplier, Coopers of Stortford, has said that it is accepting the return of the device free of charge.

4 week dream cruise ruined by holiday sickness

A Lincolnshire couple have stated their dream holiday was ruined after one of them ended up in isolation in an Australian hospital. Anthony Maguire, aged 71, set off on a month long cruise to Australia with his wife in February 2015. Just one week into their journey, Mr Maguire began to feel ill. He experienced shortness of breath and coughing. He then developed a high temperature, fever, and had a lack of appetite. Mr Maguire's health declined and he visited the on board Doctor who examined him and prescribed antibiotics and a cough medicine. When the cruise ship docked in Adelaide Mr Maguire visited the local hospital and was admitted to hospital. He was diagnosed with adenovirus and pneumonia. He spent three days in hospital isolation.




Holidaymakers awarded £1.9 million after sickness ruined holiday

First choice holidays have agreed to pay out more that £1.9 million compensation to over 400 British holidaymakers who suffered food poisoning at a hotel in the Dominican Republic. The compensation awards were approved by the High Court. There were also children amongst the group of British Tourists.

Young women left fighting for her life after holiday sickness

A young women has been left fighting for her life after a nightmare Egyptian holiday. Nicola Collings, aged 23 was left fighting for her life after an all inclusive holiday to Egypt. The dream holiday quickly turned into the holiday from hell after she fell ill. Nicola was left fighting for her life after suffering from severe kidney problems. She was rushed to hospital and it was discovered that she was suffering from a blood condition that caused her kidneys to fail.

Exploding phone chargers recalled

EE mobile network operator's Power Bar phone chargers are being investigated after one of their products overheated and exploded. Anyone in the Manchester area who has bought a Model:E1-06 should stop using it and return it. Although the manufacturer have announced that the incident was an isolated case, it is still investigating the cause and stated that it will replace any returned units once it has completed the investigations.

In its statement, EE assured its customers that all its products were tested for safety but that it had chosen to issue a recall. The product recall affects approximately 500,000 Power Bar chargers manufactured in one production batch of the unit. Several instances of the chargers over-heating have been reported and the company said that they were in contact with the owner of the charger that exploded in order to look into the circumstances that caused the malfunction.

18 holidaymakers placed on IV drip after holiday sickness bug strikes

18 British holidaymakers had to be placed on an IV drip during a holiday in Cuba. The 4 star Thomas Cook resort that they were staying in was hit by a sickness bug. The holidaymakers complained of sickness and diarrhoea while staying at the Hotel Playa resort. The news of the outbreak comes just weeks after tour operator Thomas Cook paid out £150,000 in compensation to 20 holidaymakers that were struck down by a holiday bug at the exact same holiday resort in 2013.

Luxury Egyptian holiday turned into holiday from hell

A luxury Egyptian hook day turned into the holiday from hell after Jake Ankers contracted the Salmonella bug. Jake, aged 24, from Manchester lost more than one stone in weight after being diagnosed with the bug when he returned from an all-inclusive trip to Sharm El Sheikh. Jake was staying in the resorts luxury Sensatori Hotel.