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Man critically injured in brawl near nightclub

Residents of Manchester may be familiar with news reports of incidents where a lack of adequate security at clubs and other entertainment venues has led to violence. In many cases, these can be the result of negligence on the part of the property owner, and dealing with the aftermath of these situations is an increasingly important issue throughout England.

In Essex, police are looking for witnesses after a man was reported to be in a critical condition following a brawl near a nightclub in the early morning hours of March 1. The incident occurred near Club one9five on Epping High Street, where police were called to the scene at approximately 2:50 am, following reports of a mass brawl. Police believe that up to twenty people were involved in the disturbance that left the man with a serious head injury. Two other men involved in the fight were hospitalised with minor puncture wounds and other injuries.

Young women awarded £3 million after swimming accident

A young women that suffered a brain injury 15 years ago is to be awarded £3.3 million in compensation. Annie Woodlands, now aged 25, was only 10 years old when a visit to a swimming pool changed her life forever. Annie was a pupil at Whitmore Junior School when she was resuscitated in 2000. A swimming teacher and a life guard failed to notice that Annie had got into difficulties in the pool.

Physiotherapist killed in accident 2 months after her sister dies

A physiotherapist was killed in a road traffic accident just two months after her sister died. The family have been left devastated. Stephanie Turner, 29, was on her cycle when she was killed near her home in North London. Stephanie had just got engaged and was planning to move to Scotland with her fiancée. 

Cinema fined after workers suffer shocks

One of the U.K.'s leading cinema chains was forced to pay out two worker's compensation claims following a number of electric shocks at a picture house in East Didsbury, Greater Manchester. The presiding District Judge found that Cineworld had breached health and safety laws because a popcorn machine was faulty. The cinema chain, which had previously had a good record with accidents at work, pleaded guilty to the two charges, admitting that it had to failed in its duty to ensure the welfare of employees. Cineworld was ordered to pay a total of £9,500 in fines plus £2,573 in legal costs.

The court found that the shocks were caused by faulty switch along with a missing safety panel, which allowed a live circuit board to be exposed. This caused the problem when staff turned the popcorn machine off. One employee reported that the shock he suffered caused his arm to go stiff and muscles to spasm. After the cinema's management were made aware of the issue, the machine was left plugged in whilst another one nearby was switched off.

Grandmother suffered severe allergic reaction to lip gloss

A grandmother suffered a severe allergic reaction to a lip gloss which left her looking like a monster. The reaction caused her mouth to blister and crack. Lynda Roberts, aged 62, said the reaction made her feel ugly and dirty. Due to the reaction she missed her 40th wedding anniversary celebrations. At first doctors thought she had a viral infection as he lips broke out in huge cold sores. Her lips began to tingle and then they burst.

Motorcylist awarded £10 million after horror crash

A motorcyclist has been awarded £10 million after a horror motorbike crash. Marcel Beasley, aged 31, suffered life changing injuries as a result of the accident. He has been left having to use a wheelchair, with a speech impediment and needing round-the-clock 24 hour care. He was awarded £4.27 million to help him purchase a specially adapted home. He will also receive yearly tax-free payments of £175,000 to pay for his care team. The accident happened in 2009 when the victim was aged just 25 years old. He was moving along a line of traffic when a vehicle suddenly pulled out and he smashed into the drivers door. He was catapulted across the road into a ditch. As a result of the impact his helmet was torn off his head. He was airlifted to hospital and on the way to hospital his heart stopped on a number of occasions. On his arrival at hospital he was placed into a coma for two weeks.

North East women awarded £1.1 million compensation

A north-east woman has been awarded £1.1 million in compensation after a serious car accident that happened 11 years ago. Miss Lesley Jackson, was hit by a car as she stepped off a school bus when she was aged just 13 years old. As a result of the accident she suffered serious injuries including a smashed pelvis and a serious head injury. The accident happened outside her family home. Miss Jackson was left with life changing physical and brain injuries. She later qualified as a dentist but was unable to practice due to the after-effects of the accident.

4 people killed in 2 English motorway crashes

In the early hours of 14 Feb., two separate collisions on the M40 and M1 led to four fatalities. Dozens more were injured in two significant motorway crashes that occurred within about an hour of one another.

Approximately 40 vehicles were involved in the crash on the M40, which led to the closure of the motorway between Junctions 9 and 10. One man was pronounced dead at the scene, and another was rushed to hospital in critical condition. Approximately six people were seriously injured, and another 45 people suffered injuries that one report described as minor. Thames Valley Police have said an accident investigation to determine the cause of the road traffic accident is under way, but they believe the thickness of the fog may have played a role. Authorities suggest that it was incredible that more people were not hurt in the pile-up.

Greater Manchester taxi drivers may be key witnesses in crash

The festivities associated with New Year's Eve get bigger each year, and nowhere is this more true than in Manchester. In the early hours of 1 Jan. 2015, a multi-vehicle collision resulted in the death of one man. Officials are now hoping that local taxi drivers may assist in their investigation into the wreck.

The fatal crash took place on the A681 took the life of one of the young drivers involved, a 27-year-old man. He was behind the wheel of a Vauxhall Corsa that reportedly collided with a Seat Alhambra on a bend before careening into two other cars parked nearby. The man later died of his injuries at a hospital approximately five days after the event. Little is known about how the crash occurred, but police are searching for two taxi drivers likely to have been in the area. They may have witnessed the events leading up to and immediately after the crash.

Asbestos related cancer compensation to increase

Victims of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos are to receive a higher level of compensation after a campaign by MPs. The sufferers will receive up to £54,000 extra in compensation after new rules have been announced by the government. MPs welcomed the change and stated that it was a long overdue and would make a difference to those people that are in need. Under the new rules that have been introduced by the government' s Defuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme, victims will see an increase in compensation and will rise to match 100% of average civil claims, from the current 80% level. This increase will average £54,000 per person.