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Royal Mail fined £50,000 after accident at work

The Royal Mail Group has been fined £50,000 after an employee was run over by a truck in a warehouse. Royal Mail were prosecuted at Medway Magistrates Court. The accident happened at a bundling centre in Rochester when a worker stepped out into an aisle when another worker, who was driving a reach truck, ran over his foot causing broken bones and bruising. At the time of the accident the employee had not been wearing safety boots with steel toe caps. The incident happened on 7 March 2014 and The Health and Safety Executive launched a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident. The investigation found that workplace transport was not organised to ensure pedestrians and vehicles could circulate safely as they both operated in the same area with no segregation. The HSE stated in their accident report that better organisation of the transport in the workplace could have prevented the accident and the injuries that were sustained.

Steel company fine after employees forklift death

A large steel fabrication company from North Yorkshire, has been fined by Teesside Crown Court, after a fork lift truck operator was killed when the truck he was driving overturned. Teeside Crown Court heard how Kevin McGivern, aged 27, was reversing his fork lift truck when it struck some steps causing it to overturn. The employee was not wearing his seatbelt and suffered from serious crush injuries which were fatal.

Engineering firm fined after employee injured in crushing accident

And East Yorkshire company has been sentenced for health and safety at work breaches after a marine hatch and frame weighing more than 500 kg fell on top of an employee causing serious injuries. As the marine hatch fell it also narrowly missed another person who was with the employee at the time. The injured employee was preparing the marine hatch for an inspection. At the time of the accident he was using a sling and overhead crane to move it to a vertical position. The marine hatch needed to be placed into this position so the hinge could be stamped with an approval mark by surveyor who was with him at the time

Lancashire firm fined £2.6 million after Workers death

A company has been fined 2.6 million after an employee was killed when the trench he was working in collapsed on top of him. James Sim, aged 32, from South Wales, was working as a sub-contractor on behalf of Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions Limited. On 14 April 2010, Mr Sim was working in trench laying a cable for a wind farm which was being built off the coast of Heysham in Lancashire. The trench was over 2 m deep and had no supports to prevent a collapse. Mr Sim died when he became trapped in the trench after it collapsed on top of him. A thorough investigation by the Health and Safety Executive revealed appalling safety procedures. The court heard that the company had failed to adequately assess the works or control the way in which the excavation of the trenches took place. The level of fine (£2.6m) was to serve as a warning to the industry not to ignore health and safety matters.

Drinks Manufacturer fined after accident at work

A Liverpool-based drinks manufacturer has been fined after a employee's hand was severed while cleaning a blending machine. SPL International Ltd, based in Ellesmere Port, are company that manufactures home brewing kits. The company was prosecuted at Liverpool Magistrates Court following an incident on 21 October 2014. The court heard that the workers injuries led to his right hand below the thumb and fingers being severed. Due to his injury he has been unable to return to work.

Dream Family holiday ruined by robbery and sickness

A family of six had their dream holiday ruined after they fell ill and will also robbed. The Hunter family scrimped and saved for five year their dream sunshine holiday. The family were whisked away on their first ever holiday abroad during a half term school break. The holiday costed them £5000, and they decide to go on a all-exclusive trip to Lanzarote.

Accident at recycling plant kills 5 men

A wall collapse at a recycling plant a few hours drive south of Manchester left five men dead and another man injured. The fatal accident took place at Hawkeswood Metal in Nechells when a 15-foot wall made of scrap metal and concrete collapsed on workers. Two of the deceased worker's bodies were recovered from the rubble on July 7, and the other three bodies were recovered on July 8. The same recycling plant was the site of at least two other industrial accidents.

All five of the deceased victims were Spanish citizens born in Gambia. The men were all married and had children, according to reports. Families of the deceased recycling plant workers reportedly asked for the quick retrieval of their bodies so that they could be buried as soon as possible, as is the custom in the Muslim religion. Though the bodies have been recovered, authorities said that identification might require DNA methods.

Tumble dryer fires caused by product defects

Firefighters in England have issued new warnings about defective tumble dryers after two house fires at the beginning of July. The fires both took place at homes in Sheffield while tumble dryers were in use. In its public warning after the recent fires, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said that it had responded to 117 tumble dryer fires since 2011.

According to the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, defective appliances were to blame for 75 percent of the tumble dryer fires that it has responded to over the last five years. In October, many dryers were recalled over a defect that can cause extra fluff to come in contact with the machine's heating element and catch fire. The defective products that were recalled included Creda, Hotpoint and Indesit brand tumble dryers.

2 die due to weak barriers on building site

Two men have died after falling down a light well when the protection barrier around a building site gave way. Manchester residents may be aware that construction companies have a duty to protect the general public from dangers on a work location. The construction company that was responsible for the barriers that resulted in the fatalities was fined £550,000 for failing to adequately discharge its duties.

The accident occurred in October 2013 at a building site in Euston, London. According to the prosecution, the hoarding around the perimeter of the site was not structurally sound and was also too low. The court heard that approximately 200 children and parents passed the location each day and that this was an avoidable accident. The family-run construction company pleaded guilty for its failures under the Health and Safety at Work Act and to charges of corporate manslaughter.

Theme park pay out £12,000 after crazy golf accident

The theme park at the centre of the recent rollercoaster crash has paid out compensation to a young boy who was left scarred for life after an accident at the theme park. The boy was injured when a damaged crazy golf club pieced his face when he slipped on wooden steps. The youngster sustained a serious flesh wound to his chin at the Devil's Island crazy golf attraction in October 2014. He was rushed to hospital and received a number of stitches to his face. The club that he was using had a section of its rubber grip missing and he was injured by the exposed metal edge. The youngster had to attend a plastic surgery clinic and undergo laser surgery to help heal his injury. The boy's mother claimed that it had been raining down the steps were very slippery. She added that the venue and club were unsafe for her young child.