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Maker of child safety seats issues recall

Parents of young children living in the Manchester area may want to check their child car seats to make sure that they have not been recalled for safety concerns. Recaro, one of the leading manufacturers of child car seats has issued a recall of some of its products. Executives at the Germany-based company have announced that a batch of Recaro fix bases is being recalled because they do not meet safety standards.

The Recaro fix bases that are recalled are typically used with Optia child seats and Privia infant carriers. Only one batch of fix bases was affected by the recall, and parents should check the serial numbers on their fix bases to determine whether they are affected. Recaro fix bases with serial numbers ER01000000 through ER01017825 are included in the recall.

2 dead and 1 severely injured in car crash

An inquest has been held into the circumstances surrounding the death of two young men in a road traffic accident that occurred in January 2016. Drivers in the Manchester area who are aware of the dangers of driving in poor weather conditions may take extra precautions on the roads, but the youth who was driving the car when it crashed was 18 years old and relatively inexperienced. The coroner concluded that he lost control of his Fiesta on a wet patch of road while speeding.

The driver, with two friends in his car, was racing another friend from Penpedairheol to Blackwood in Wales when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a Vauxhall Astra coming in the opposite direction. The investigating officer said that there was standing water on the road and evidence at the scene suggested that the Fiesta had fishtailed and drifted into the oncoming lane travelling at over 55 mph. The driver of the other vehicle said that she had no time to react before the impact.

8 injured in 2 road traffic accidents

Road users in the Manchester area may wish to take into consideration the potential dangers of the highways and take extra care when driving. An accident in October involving just one car resulted in five people being injured, while a separate road traffic incident left another three people hurt. The incidents resulted in road closures and police investigations into the cause of the single car accident has included an appeal to the public for any witnesses to provide further information.

The accident on Mahon Road in Portadown involving a silver Renault left two men seriously injured and another three people requiring treatment. According to police, the car came off the road, went through a fence and flipped onto its roof after the driver lost control. Most of the injured were taken to Craigavon Area Hospital, but one of the men was admitted into the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. Witnesses to the incident have been asked to either call the police in Lurgan or contact Crimestoppers, where they can provide the information anonymously.

Paper mill fined after worker loses fingers

A paper mill was found guilty at Bradford Crown Court where a hearing was held into the circumstances surrounding an accident that left an employee partially disabled. Manchester area employees who work with heavy machinery will be aware that procedures need to be in place in order to reduce the risk of injuries occurring. But this was not the case at the paper mill at the time of the accident and the company admitted to its failures at the hearing.

The injured victim was working on a board machine in September 2013 when the accident occurred. He lost one of his fingers at the time of the incident, and two more digits were so badly damaged that they later had to be surgically removed. An inspector with the Health and Safety Executive said that the risk assessment that the company had carried out concerning the operation of the machinery was inadequate and failed to ensure that a safe method of controlling the machine was implemented.

£170,000 compensation awarded to bike crash victim

Elizabeth Skerratt was cycling through Chester when a car driver pulled out of a junction into her path. The 29-year-old has received £170,000 in compensation for the injuries she suffered during the collision on the A51 near Chester. Miss Skerratt was violently thrown from her bike and the injuries sustained still have a massive effect on her day-to-day life. At the time of the accident she was employed as an NHS worker, and she was left with serious head trauma which left her with permanent damage to her memory. She also suffers from constant pain in her right leg which makes it difficult to move around and to do physical activities. The memory loss has meant that she struggles to focus or concentrate on things that she is doing.

Safety in the office

While many might feel that health and safety regimes are only needed for work environments such as factories or warehouses, the office worker is also exposed to potential hazards. In fact, employees in the Greater Manchester area working in an office may be surprised to learn that some of the risks that they are potentially exposed to are often the subject of a safety regime in workplaces that are traditionally regarded as more dangerous.

In addition to dangers such as unsafe workstations or cluttered hallways, some other risks that can be found in the office environment include poor air quality, harmful bacteria and noise pollution. Machinery such as photocopiers or printers may appear to be innocuous but some makes emit ozone gas and require filters. If these are not changed on a regular basis then the gas may cause physical harm to those working in the vicinity.

Merlin fined £5 million for Alton Towers Rollercoaster accident

Merlin, owners of Alton Towers have been handed a £5 million fine after 16 people were injured in a horrific accident on the Smiler rollercoaster ride. The accident left two teenagers needing leg amputations. The Recorder of Stafford, Judge Chambers QC, said the crash was a 'catastrophic failure' but that human error was not the cause. The judge commented that thousands of people had been exposed to harm since May 2013.

CCTV shows moment of Alton Towers horror crash

CCTV footage has revealed the moment the Smiler rollercoaster crashed. The footage shows the harrowing moment of the huge impact that sent both carriages swinging back and forth along the track. The CCTV footage has been shown to victims of the devastating crash. The impact of the accident was similar to a 90mph car crash. The horrific accident left the teenagers Vicky Balch and Leah Washington having to undergo leg amputations. At the scene of the accident Leah Washington had to be resuscitated after she stopped breathing as crews tried to free her. She was then airlifted to hospital.

What to do in case of an accident

The health and safety of workers is upheld by a wide range of regulations that the employer is required to follow by law. Manchester employees who have been injured on the job may wish to monitor how the company responds in the aftermath of the accident in order to ensure that it follows best practice procedures. This is not only important for the well-being of the injured person, but it also addresses the dangers that may be present for other personnel and for the public.

This is especially relevant if a worker is employed by a small- or medium-sized company. It has the same responsibilities as a larger organisation but may have less experience or knowledge of the necessary procedures following an accident. The first priority for an employer is to ensure that the injured party receives the appropriate medical treatment. It is necessary for all companies to have an accident book where details of all incidents are recorded.