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17-year-old driver writes off 2 cars

The Chairman of the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority has spoken of the frequency of incidents where emergency services have attended the scene of road collisions involving young people. Over the past ten years, there have been over 200 deaths in this area associated with younger drivers.

This incident occurred at 12:30 a.m. on March 18 in Stockport. It involved a 17-year-old driver who had only recently passed his driving test. The teenager was driving a Ford Focus on Gordon Road in Reddish when he collided with a parked car with enough force to crush in his door by 18 inches and to spin the parked vehicle a full circle. His passenger was able to exit the vehicle, but the damage to the car forced firefighters to cut off the roof before they were able to pull the driver free. Both occupants were taken to hospital suffering from suspected back and neck injuries.

NHS Trust fined for exposing employees to Asbestos

Liverpool NHS Trust have been fined after employees were exposed to a highly dangerous substance. The NHS Trust were fined approximately £10,000 after it emerged that workers did you asbestos fibres. The fibres were discovered in the basement of its offices on London Road in January 2013. The magistrates Court in Liverpool stated that the NHS trust had been negligent as they did not have a survey carried out in 2006 when it was identified that this area of the basement contained asbestos. Employees had regularly being visiting the basement access patient records and were therefore exposed to the asbestos.

Teenager killed by police car

A teenager has died after being hit by a police car outside a station. Harry Kirkham, aged 16, went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to hospital where he later died from his injuries. At the time of the accident he was with some friends when he was hit by a car driven by an emergency response Police officer. The officer was on his own in the vehicle and gave Harry first aid. A paramedic who was passing by also stopped.

21 year old biker makes miracle recovery

A 21 year old Motorcylist has defied doctors and medical odds by waking from a coma after an horrific accident. Arron Jackson was left with serious head injuries and his doctors had feared he would not wake up. The accident happened in Reading on 10th March. Immediately after the accident he was airlifted to hospital in Oxford and doctors placed him in an induced coma to aid his recovery.

You can make a claim when a driver is uninsured

You can make a claim even if the driver responsible for your accident is uninsured or runs off from the accident scene. If you drive without any insurance you could face a £500 on the spot fine if you are caught. You could also receive 6 points on your licence. If the case ended up in court you could be banned and fined up to £5000.

Faulty firework injures 8

Manchester residents may be interested to learn that in Salisbury, Wiltshire, an investigation into the events that led to eight people being injured by a faulty firework has recently been completed. Salisbury City Council held its annual Christmas event in November 2014, attracting a crowd of up to 15,000 people. The firework display, which cost in the region of £4,000, was situated on the roof of the Guildhall and was due to last eight minutes. During the show, however, one of the fireworks malfunctioned and shot into the crowd below injuring eight people. St John Ambulance paramedics treated people for burns and cuts at the scene and one woman was taken to hospital.

The report that is to be presented to the city council is the result of an investigation by a pyrotechnics expert that was commissioned following the event. It found that the incident was caused by a faulty product, that the exclusion zone was too small and that the fireworks company had no safety plan in the event of product failure.

Gym member awarded £1.3 million for loss of eyesight

A man has been awarded approximately £1.3 million in compensation after equipment failure in the gym left him blind in one eye and partially sighted and the other. Mr Carneiro was using a body, fitness resistant and at a David Lloyd health cup, when a ring holding it in place gave way I was hitting the eye by the band. The leisure company were prosecuted at Teesside Crown Court and pleaded guilty to breach of health and safety regulations. The court stated that the company failed to ensure that Mr Carneiro was safe and not exposed to any risk to his work out at their facility. The health club also admitted to a further charge of failing to carry out a suitable risk assessment in relation to the same incident.

11 year still smiling after amputation of arm and leg

An 11 year old girl lost her hand and leg in a truck accident in China but her kept smiling through her pain. Li Wanxiang was walking home from school when the accident happened. She was ran over by a truck and had her hand and leg amputated. After the accident she was rushed to hospital where her condition was described as critical. Unfortunately she developed a flesh eating infection that attacked her arm and leg rotting away the flesh.

Blackout driver will not face prosecution

A driver blacked out 6 times before his Range Rover crashed into shoppers. Two young women were killed but prosecutors have decided not to pursue a criminal case against William Payne.  An investigation into the fatal accident heard that Payne suffered from vasodepresser syncope syndrome which causes sudden fainting. However he had failed to report six previous blackouts to the DVLA. If he had reported his condition it is highly likely that the DVLA would have revoked his driving licence.