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Dream Holiday ruined by illness

A women is still suffering 16 months after falling ill on a dream holiday. Uzma and Usmaan Hussain took their family on a luxury holiday to Egypt but they both feel sick after eating in the hotel restaurant. They suffered from sickness, diarrhoea and stomach cramps. Uzma has been ill since returning from the holiday. Doctors have told her that she is likely to suffer from irritable bowel syndrome for the rest of her life.

Fatal Lorry crash driver had taken cocktail of drugs

A lorry driver that ploughed his lorry into a vehicle on the M56 had taken drugs. Anthony Bainbridge had speed and cannabis in his blog and urine, he was killed in the accident. The driver of the vehicle he hit was also killed. An inquest on July 7th heard that the trucker, aged 49 from Durham, was behind the wheel of a large Volvo lorry on the M56 eastbound, when he crashed into the rear of a red Audi A4 which was been driven by 39 year old Julie Darnell on 9th October 2014. The lorry shunted and crushed the Audi into a tipper truck that was travelling in front. The tipper truck then collided into a bus.

Two Brits killed in Mountain Road plunge

Two Brits have died after the vehicle they were travelling in plunged 1,200 ft off a mountain road in Austria. The 22 year old driver and 25 year old passenger were taking part in a rally when they lost control of their Seat Leon. The vehicle ploughed through the safety barrier and plunged from the Grosslockner High Alpine Road.

Victim speaks out about Rollercoaster ordeal

One of the victims of the Alton Towers rollercoaster horror crash as spoken for the first time about his ordeal. Joe Pugh, aged 18, was left with life changing injuries after the crash on June 2, 2015. Both of his kneecaps were smashed to pieces and his little finger was severed.

Cyclist rushed to hospital after horror lorry smash

A cyclist in Scotland was rushed to hospital by air ambulance after being hit by a lorry. The accident happened on the A78 Warrix interchange. The road was closed in both direction to allow the air ambulance to land at the accident scene. It has been reported than the victim was a young make. Fire crews from Dreghorn and Kilmarnock were the first to arrive at the accident scene.

Factory worker suffers serious hand injury

Manchester residents may have heard that a worker in Berkshire was injured while trying to unclog a sugar dispenser at a food production plant. The accident occurred when the man stuck his hand into a chute on the sugar dispenser. As the sugar began to flow, it landed on the scales below and caused the valve to close on the worker's hand. The man's finger was fractured and lacerated in the accident. He has since undergone several physiotherapy sessions but has been unable to straighten his injured finger.

The accident occurred at a site in Berkshire that is operated by English Provender Company. It is unclear if the company, which produces chutneys and other condiments, has had any other factory accidents at its facilities. The company pleaded guilty to breaching two safety regulations stemming from the sugar dispenser incident, and it was fined £15,000 for each breach.

Women critically injured in car crash dies in hospital

A woman who was critically injured in a car wreck for three days after a car crash has died in hospital. Lamara Bell, was trapped in the vehicle next to her dead boyfriend after please failed to attend the scene when the accident was reported by a member of the public. Lamara had been travelling with her boyfriend along the M9 when the Renault Clio she was travelling in veered off the road. Her boyfriend, Mr Ewell, died instantly on impact while Mrs Bell, mother of two was left seriously injured. The police received a call reporting the accident but did not attend The scene until a second passers-by reported three days later. Miss Bell was rushed to Glasgow is Queen Elizabeth University Hospital where she was treated for her injuries. Unfortunately, she said come to her injuries and died a few days later.

58-year-old perishes after receiving faulty insulin injection

Consumers in the Manchester area may be interested in a Sheffield Crown Court judgment recently handed down against two medical supply companies. In July 2015, the two businesses were fined more than £500,000 for their roles in the death of a 58-year-old Barnsley man. The man, a diabetic hospital patient, was reportedly administered insulin shots that failed to contain the compound, and because he went without receiving insulin for at least 13 hours, his body suffered fatal organ failure.

The parties involved were the manufacturer of the product and one of its licensed wholesalers, and it was held that they bore full responsibility for failing to adhere to standards. The Crown Court heard that previous probes of the Runcorn manufacturing and distribution facilities the companies shared uncovered shortcomings, yet the organisations failed to implement effective investigation or quality-control systems.